We're challenge addicts here at Prima and there's nothing we enjoy more than sharing our strategies for completing them with you guys. Hitman: Absolution is full of tricky little in-game challenges you might have trouble beating.

Below is an extract from our Hitman: Absolution eGuide that’ll assist you in completing every challenge in the ultra-tense Terminus level. There’s a lot more where this came from in the full guide, including a full walkthrough, guides to grabbing every Achievement/Trophy and behind the scenes interviews. You can purchase the full eGuide for instant access right here.


Terminus Hotel

Evidence Collector (1/2)

While wearing a disguise, go into the private residence behind the concierge counter. From there, walk into the concierge area and pick up the first piece of evidence next to the security monitors. The second piece of evidence is on the eighth floor. Be sure to pick up some of the items in the private residence on the ground floor to add them to your collection.

The Electrician—Part 1

While on the first floor or down in the basement of the hotel, use a screwdriver to kill one of Dexter’s goons. You can either move in behind a goon and stab him, or throw it just like a knife. There is a screwdriver by the elevator that you can pick up.

The Electrician—Part 2

Once you complete the first part of this challenge, you unlock the second part. Kill five of Dexter’s goons with a screwdriver without being seen.


Pick up the goon, janitor, and electrician disguises to complete this challenge.

Suit Only

If you are going for the Suit Only challenge, the toughest part can be getting to the upper floors. Go in through the basement and kill the first goon if you need to. Then, head up the stairs. Go to the left, toward the checkpoint. Turn on the generator near the door to the room, and then move over to the railing which surrounds an opening overlooking the sewer below. Use the power electrical switch to send electricity from the generator down into the flooded sewer level and kill the electrician below. The benefit of this is that all of the goons and electricians move away from the elevator and focus their attention on the dead electrician. This gives you an excellent opportunity to walk to the elevator and take it to the upper floors without anyone seeing you. The only downside is that you lose points for a civilian casualty.

Upper Floors

Inside Job (1/2)

In order to complete this challenge, you need to get past secure places by climbing out upper floor windows and moving along ledges. There are two places where you must do this. The first is on the seventh floor, where you need to get past the keycard door. The second is on the eighth floor. Using this method to bypass goons and security is also great if you are simultaneously attempting the Suit Only challenge.

Inside Job (2/2)

By using the ledges outside of the hotel to get from the window by the key card stairwell to the door of room 899, you complete the second half of this challenge. These challenges also make the mission much easier.

Hall Pass

This challenge is completed by wearing the janitor disguise and getting all the way to room 899 without being spotted. Complete the Inside Job challenge while wearing the janitor disguise to kill two birds with one stone.

An Evening in Paradise

Put the movie reel on the projector in the projection room in order to complete this challenge. The movie distracts many of the guards on the eighth floor.

Evidence Collector (2/2)

The second piece of evidence is located in a room attached to the large room near 899. It is not too difficult to sneak into this room, but actually getting the evidence is tougher. There are two goons inside. They both have their backs to the door. Sneak in and take cover behind the table. Pick up the bottle and throw it at the far right corner. While one goon goes to investigate, move up behind the other goon and kill him silently with the fiberwire. Quickly drop the body and switch to a throwing weapon such as a knife, scissors, or screwdriver. Throw it at the second goon before he knows you are there. There is nowhere to hide these bodies, so get the second piece of evidence on the table and get out.


In order to complete this achievement, neutralize 10 of Dexter’s goons and hide their bodies.

Do Not Disturb

In order to get this challenge, you need to avoid killing or pacifying anyone. You can still use disguises, but you can’t get them off of a body. Use a lot of distractions to get past goons and make your way to 889. You will need to use the movie on the eighth floor; put it in the projector while the goon inside the projection room is distracted.


Get through the entire mission without being spotted.

The Man from South Dakota

Complete this challenge by completing the level.

Mastery: Terminus

Complete all of the challenges for this level to earn this final challenge.