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New Hitman 3 Trailer Shows Off VR Capabilities

by Liana Ruppert

Ever wanted to live out that Hitman fantasy? We don’t recommend doing so IRL, but you are at least one step closer with Hitman 3 in VR as shown as part of the August PlayStation State of Play showcase. Coming early next year, the entire trilogy can be played in VR, which we got to see with a new Hitman 3 trailer. 

Hitman 3 has big plans for Agent 47, with Sony previously mentioning: “Agent 47 and the world around him will never be the same again.” Death Awaits definitely looks much more hands-on (huehue) with the VR touch, which is a surprise no one was expecting. While the video below was just a small tease, we’re excited to learn more about how the Hitman franchise functions within the world of Virtual Reality. 

IO Interactive takes the helm once more of this series and its venture into VR.  The official Hitman 3 website reveals that all locations from Hitaman 1 and 2 can be imported and played in Hitman 3 for free. Even better? All three titles are going to be compatible with this new VR take, making the experience that much more realistic, especially for massive fans of Agent 47.

Anxious to get back into Hitman 2 before Hitman3 arrives? Good news, we’ve got tons of great guides on our Hitman 2 game page that will help you out. You can also check out a few of our hottest tips pieces below for the sequel. 

What do you think of Hitman 3: Death Awaits? Are you excited to take on this experience in VR, or are you going to stick with a more traditional experience for the next step in the Hitman series? Be sure to let us know on Twitter or Facebook to sound off with all of those Hitman-related thoughts! We can’t wait to hear what you think!