If there's one thing Sean Bean is known for, it's his ability to die a great death. Because of that, it wasn't a surprise to anyone that with his involvement in the Hitman 2 that his role was to ... yup, you guessed it: Die. Now he's back and ready to do it all over again, because the Sean Bean Elusive Target returns on May 3rd and will be available until June 3. 

Bean is poised to reprise his original role as Mark Faba, a retired M15 agent that joined the freelance assassin's life. He quickly gained the reputation as "the Undying" for his insane ability to fake his own death - which explains a lot, really - and now players can try to take him out once more to complete this contract for good. 

For those wanting something to enjoy right now, the Hitman 2 Miami Pack is now available for $14.99 and includes the newest Miami location addition, new missions, modes, and of course - content. This is just the beginning, according to IO Interactive, because there is a lot more content on the way for the month of May. New disguises, new contracts, and so much more await for Hitman 2 players.

As for the game itself, Hitman 2 is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. You can check out the latest content drop in the video at the top of the article to learn even more about what's in store for Agent 47.