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Hideo Kojima Looking to Remake Original Metal Gear Solid

by Prima Games Staff

The original Metal Gear Solid still strikes a chord with gamers. The 1997 masterpiece stands as one of the best PlayStation games ever made, and the 2004 GameCube remake The Twin Snakes fared just as well.  Now producer Hideo Kojima wants to return to the classic adventure once more, but with a twist.

During a roundtable interview at E3 2013 a couple of weeks ago, the producer stated he’s looking to work with an external studio on getting the remake done yet again.  What’s more, he wants to utilize the same Fox Engine technology powering the forthcoming Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and soccer sim Pro Evolution Soccer 2014.

“For us, it’s not about upgraded graphics or anything like that,” said Kojima.  “We’re really looking forward to the fact that we can now use multiple devices to play a game.  So whether it’s smartphones or tablets, we can play Metal Gear Solid V on that tablet or smartphone and integrate that into what we have on the console.  So people can play the game essentially 24 hours and be in the world of MGS anytime they like to.”

There’s no word on when the remake will arrive, but it’s nice to see Kojima considering it.

Source: GameSpot

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