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Hideo Kojima Gives Interesting Info About Death Stranding’s Genre

by Nicholas Barth

Video game industry legend Hideo Kojima has been at the forefront of creating some of the most famous titles players have ever seen. However, the ideas of the games created by Hideo Kojima can sometimes be a tad vague or confusing to players. The latest example of the unique style from Kojima is his upcoming title of Death Stranding, which continues to confuse when it comes to what kind of game Death Stranding is. However, Hideo Kojima recently took to Twitter and gave these curious gamers insight on the type of genre Death Stranding belongs in. 

According to a post by Kojima on August 26th, the gaming mastermind explained that Death Stranding is different from your ordinary stealth game. He also added that players could enjoy Death Stranding in a first-person perspective, but it is not a first-person shooter game. 

Finally, Kojima explained in his post that Death Stranding is part of a whole new kind of video game genre called Strand Game, which is a part of the Social Strand System. 

This update on the kind of genre which Kojima says Death Stranding belongs to did not do much for players when it comes to an understanding exactly what this game is all about. This confusion was evident by the comments made by members of the community in response to Kojima’s latest post. However, the unique and mysterious nature of Kojima’s games are a big part of the success they have had, and players are currently very excited to experience Death Stranding themselves to find out what Kojima meant in his recent post. 

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Nicholas Barth

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