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Hi-Rez Announces New Studio, Teases New Project In the Works

by Liana Ruppert

Hi-Rez, the studio that gave us games like Smite and Paladins, is expanding their borders with a brand new studio called Red Beard Games based in Brighton, UK. In the same reveal, they also teased a brand new project they’re working on, though no details have been revealed at this time. 

The latest studio revealed their brand new website, introducing the new team to the world and what their mission is all about. According to Red Beard Games, “Red Beard Games are the newest game development studio owned by video game developer and publisher Hi-Rez Studios. We’re an ambitious team located in the center of bustling Brighton, UK. Our goal is to deliver amazing experiences tailored to the interests of large gaming communities.”

They also included their “core pillars,” the mission statement that they will operate under for all future titles: 

  • We believe that the best games are born from experimentation… No idea is too stupid, no concept is too bizarre. With constant Iteration and improvement being fundamental to building experiences that gamers will enjoy and revisit.
  • As a small team, we understand that cooperation is essential to success. At Red Beard Games we value opinions and ideas from the entire team equally. It’s through this unique sense of respect and camaraderie that we can create exceptional videogames and levels of service.
  • We are creating distinctive experiences, tailor-made for the largest gaming communities in the world. This can only be achieved with an absolute focus on the evolution of new ideas and a refusal to accept convention.

With Paladins continuously growing despite the controversies surrounding Overwatch comparisons, and Smite continuing to prove that it’s a force to be reckoned with, it’s good to see a studio like this expand and further extend their unique creative vision. 



Liana Ruppert

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