Those of you who can't get enough of being dancing fools to Harmonix's Dance Central 3 game will have some good news coming your way this month, as the developer has revealed the downloadable content for March 2013.

First up on March 5th is the Drake-Rihanna team-up "Take Care", which poses a "legit" difficulty stature and will set you back 240 Microsoft points ($3).

More Rihanna madness awaits you a week later, on March 12th, with the release of two additional songs from her library, the Jay-Z team-up "Umbrella" and the danceable "SOS".  You can buy the songs for 240 Microsoft points ($3) each, or get them both for 400 Microsoft points ($5).

Finally, if you prefer to get, ahem, Fergilicious, you can download Fergie's "London Bridge", with a "moderate" difficulty, for 240 Microsoft points ($3).

If you like dancing to artists with one word names, hey, this is your pack.

Dance Central 3 is available now for Xbox 360/Kinect.