Updated (4:10pmPT): 

We just heard from Harmonix, who have issued the following statement: “As we've noted before, we're constantly in talks with all major artists and labels. That said, Harmonix has never been in development on a Led Zeppelin game, though we'd obviously be thrilled to have them in Rock Band.”


The Rock Band series, though not as strong as it was a few years back, continues to rock on with weekly content provided by Harmonix with stuff from bands like Cinderella and, more recently, Eddie Money.  But if a listing on an editor’s recent resume is to be believed, Led Zeppelin could be the next band that takes the Rock Band stage.

According to a listing on film editor Fiona DeSouza’s resume page, there was a listing for what’s titled Harmonix Rockband Led Zeppelin.  This could easily be a mistake and Harmonix didn’t confirm anything regarding the listing, but we can’t help but think that the company’s upcoming announcement at E3 could very well possibly be a song tie-in with the legendary band.

Fans have been asking for Led Zeppelin songs for years, even though numerous band members, mainly guitarist Jimmy Page, have stated zero interest in providing the songs for digital games like Rock Band or Guitar Hero.  Something to do with the magic of the music or something… even though we’ve heard Led Zeppelin songs in car commercials and such.

We’ll keep our ear to the ground and let you know what we hear come next month at E3.  Besides requests for “Stairway To Heaven”, of course.