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Halo: The Master Chief Collection Will Receive Next-Gen Upgrades Including 120 FPS

by Jesse Vitelli

With the slew of older games getting technical upgrades for the next-generation of consoles, it seems that The Master Chief Collection will follow suit. In an announcement from the Xbox Twitter account, our good boy Master Chief will be receiving an upgrade.

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The game will be optimized for Xbox Series X/S boasting an incredible 120 frames per second in both the campaign and multiplayer modes across all of the package games. It will also feature an improved split-screen experience as well as 4K resolutions on the Series X.

That’s not all, though! This update will be free of charge to anyone who already owns the collection and decides to upgrade to a next-generation console. If you don’t already own this collection, you can always get it through Xbox Game Pass, which continues to be the best deal in gaming.

All of these updates will be available on November 17, just one week after the Xbox Series X/S launch. This certainly helps fill the void since earlier this year it was announced that Halo Infinite would be delayed until 2021.

While the Halo Infinite delay still stings, hopefully, the wait won’t be too long into 2021. We hope to see what 343 has in store for Master Chief’s next adventure sooner rather than later.

Even though it’s not a brand new Halo game, it’s still nice to revisit these older games and see them in a new light. 

We can finish the fight some other time. In the meantime, the Xbox Series X/S lunch on November 10, just two days before the launch of the PlayStation 5. It’s sure to be a busy November between these two juggernauts.

You can see the official announcement below.

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