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Halo Infinite Release Date Leak Suggest December 8

by Jesse Vitelli

Halo Infinite has had quite a tumultuous development cycle. Originally set to launch last year alongside the Xbox Series X|S and then delayed over a year with no current release date. That was, until now. After an accidental Microsoft store posting for the game, we now know that Halo Infinite is launching on December 8. 

Halo Infinite Release Date Leak Suggest December 8

Of course, these leaks aren’t always true, but The Verge has also confirmed that its sources also confirm the December 8 release date. This was to be an announcement later today during the Gamescom Opening Night Live event hosted by Geoff Keighley. 

It’s odd that Microsoft would have the release date reveal during this event and not its own event it held yesterday, but hey, someone has to have all of the “World Premieres”. 

Earlier this month we learned that Halo Infinite will be launching without campaign co-op or its custom map editor Forge. It seems the December 8 release date is the latest the game can launch while still being in this calendar year and making it out for the holidays. 

The Halo Infinite multiplayer will be free to play as we learned last year, and we’re excited to finally get our hands on it. It doesn’t sound like a bad way to round out the year of games in 2021. After everything that has happened with Halo Infinite we’re interested to see how the campaign and open-world nature of the game is shaping up.

It seems like the official release date announcement is only hours away, so keep your eyes peeled for it soon.

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