Halo Infinite’s multiplayer progressions have been a hot button issue within the community since its launch. 343 has been monitoring player feedback and tuning how fast players level the battle pass over the past couple of weeks. Now, it’s time for another round of changes coming to the XP progression system. 

Halo Infinite Multiplayer Receives New Daily Experience Payout System 

With the weekly reset happening on Tuesday morning, we have now learned that players will earn increased experience payouts for their first six matches played every day. 

The XP breakdown can be found below. 

  • Game 1 - 300 XP
  • Game 2 - 200 XP
  • Game 3 - 200 XP
  • Game 4 - 100 XP
  • Game 5 - 100 XP
  • Game 6 - 100 XP
  • Game 7+ - 50 XP

Last week 343 introduced the “Play One Match” challenge for 50 XP that ensured every match player with making some progress towards the battle pass, and now this new system guarantees one level in the pass if you play 6 games. 

Halo Community Manager John Junyyszek announced this on Twitter and followed up by saying “We know many of you want even larger changes and we’re committed to doing so, but those will take time.” 

So as far as larger procession systems go, 343 is actively looking into and working on how to make it possible for Halo Infinite. 

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