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Halo Infinite Is Adjusting Its Weekly Challenges Later This Week

by Jesse Vitelli

Halo Infinite’s multiplayer has made quite a splash this week, for good and bad. While the core gameplay in Infinite’s multiplayer is rock solid, everything around it seems to be rough. The battle pass progression system is the most apparent. 

Halo Infinite Is Adjusting Its Weekly Challenges Later This Week

Update: Changes have been implemented

As it currently stands, in order to level the battle pass you must complete challenges and only challenges. There is no way to earn experience or anything else in matches that go towards your level. On top of this, the challenges themselves are pretty specific and almost impossible at some points. Challenges like kill 3 wraiths might seem fine, that is, until you try to actually find a Wraith in multiplayer. 

After a lot of backlash almost immediately, 343 Community Manager John Junyszek took to Twitter to address fans’ concerns. In a thread Junyszek states “To start, we’ll be adding ‘Play 1 game’ challenges to help make sure you consistently progress through the Battle Pass by playing matches the way you want.” 

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They also went on to state that 343 will be “removing some Weekly Challenges based on your feedback.” which is great news to those who are stuck on neverending challenges like me. 

However, these changes come at a small cost. Junyszek warns players that “we’ll need to reset your Challenges including progress towards Weekly one.”

They plan to make this up to fans by granting the Weekly Challenge’s Ultimate Reward the Sigil Mark VII Visor to everyone who logs in from November 23-30. 

It’s refreshing to see the team offer a quick and transparent response to the criticism of progression. We hope to see more of this from 343 as Halo Infinite continues through its Beta phase.

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