Bungie have released news that they’re going to be bringing out some new playlists tomorrow and Tuesday.

Tomorrow’s will accompany the Heroic Map Pack release, which’ll sit neatly with the normal playlists.

Apparently "A check occurs to see who in a lobby has new maps, and if one or more players don't an 'old' map is automatically selected. An entire playlist devoted to the new maps will ensure that they can be played non-stop, if that's what the player desires. It should be seamless" according to Bungie community man Frank O’Connor.

Tyson Green is the lead multiplayer designer for the game and has informed fans that there’s some other stuff in there too. He said "we're reasonably sure that variety updates to almost all of the playlists will be included. This includes some long requested BR Start variants, wider map selection in the Ranked playlists, and a couple of map variants that we're going to try in BTB to start with."

The second update will be coming on 18th December and will feature the Team Hardcore playlist, which is similar to Halo 2’s version.

"In addition, the current plan includes an overhaul for Team Objective. This playlist will henceforth be focused on CTF (both One Flag and Multi Flag variants, as has been frequently requested) and Assault (One Bomb, Multi Bomb, and Neutral Bomb) variants. VIP is out, until we have some time to bang on it and get something we're happy with."

If you want more information either check our Halo 3 hub or head over to the Bungie Weekly Update.