If we’re willing to forget about the fact Half Life 3 is unlikely to be coming anytime soon, it’s been a good year for Half Life fans. Black Mesa, the fan-made remake of the original came out just last month out and now Enter the Freeman, a rather good live action movie, also a product of dedicated followers of Freeman.

It’s a pretty jumpy affair and looks good for its modest $3000 budget. The film was apparently made in a cottage somewhere in Hollywood, say the makers.

In case of spoilers, wathc the movie first. After that, there’s a series of videos to compliment the film, explaining how the makers kept the cost down, how the HEV suit Freeman adorns was made and two commentaries that follow the making of the film (here’s the first, here’s the second).

The film was directed by a great man named Ian James Duncan, and co-produced by Berhard Forcher.