Guacamelee! Gold Edition Arrives on Steam August 8th - Prima Games

Guacamelee! Gold Edition Arrives on Steam August 8th

by Prima Games Staff

When it debuted on PlayStation Network earlier this year, Guacamelee! quickly established itself as one of the year’s best downloadable games, with its vivid art style and its enjoyable beat-em-up gameplay. Now, Steam owners will get a chance to check it out. 

Guacamelee! Gold Edition is set for release on PC/Steam early next month. The game will feature the original title, along with a costume DLC pack, the Devil’s Playground challenge level, exclusive Steam trading cards, Steamworks integration with Achievements and Big Picture Mode, fully remappable keyboard controls and the ability to create new outfits via the Steam Workshop.

In addition, those who download Guacamelee! in its first week of release will receive a bonus game – Tales From Space: Mutant Blobs Attack, another gem from the team at Drinkbox Studios.

The game will release on August 8th for $14.99. It’s well worth checking out, especially if you’re a fan of “Metroidvania” style games.

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