The Grand Theft Auto Trilogy Remaster has been a hot topic of discussion over the past week. With numerous bugs, bad textures, weirdly proportioned character models, and more. 

GTA The Trilogy: The Definitive Edition Receiving Updates, Classic Version Returning To PC 

What makes this even worse, is that Rockstar had also delisted the previous versions of these classic GTA titles making it nearly impossible for anyone to play the originals.

Well, today Rockstar has put out a post on its website expressing “We want to severely apologize to everyone who has encountered issues playing these games.” 

Rockstar goes on to say that the team is working on resolving the ongoing issues with the games and a new title update is on its way in the next few days to address some of these issues. 

No additional information was given at this time but we will know more in a few days. 

The letter also goes on to state that

 “It pains us to mention that we are hearing reports of members of the development teams are being harassed on social media.”

No matter how bad a game release is, harassment is never the answer, and Rockstar urges fans to be respectful and offer feedback in constructive ways. 

Finally, Rockstar is adding back the original trilogy on PC and anyone who has purchased The Definitive Edition for PC through June 30, 2022 will receive the classic versions free of charge on the Rockstar launcher.

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