Xbox One and PS4 games are all the rage these days, but don't forget about Grand Theft Auto 5, specifically GTA Online. Rockstar has quite the meaty update planned to launch on May 13th, giving fans a wealth of content.

To start, The High Life update comes with five new options in Los Santos real estate to buy, complete with new interior design. Most importantly, you can now own two properties at once.

On the vehicle side, you can cruise around with the the Enus Huntley S SUV, Dewbauchee Massacro sports car, Pegassi Zentorno sports car and Dinka Thrust motorcycle, for purchase of course. This ties into a new non-collision feature that allows you to race without the threat of damaging your vehicle, or someone else's.

When it comes to weapons, you'll fill enemies with lead using the Bullpup Rifle. We imagine it'll come in handy when completing the 15 new Jobs, which include five Contact Missions.

On a stranger note, the update will tell you how "psychotically unhinged" a person is. We just assume everyone's nuts in GTA Online.