Grand Theft Auto V Character Customization Guide

Because you haven't lived until you've beaten up someone wearing a scuba suit.

One cool thing that the last few Grand Theft Auto games have done is allow you to customize your character in a number of ways, whether it’s providing them with a new wardrobe, purchasing new gear from one of the select stores or, in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas’ case, changing their physical status, ranging from muscular to overweight.

We’re happy to report that most of these character customization features are back in Grand Theft Auto V, save for the physical manipulation mode – there’s really no way to make Trevor fat, sorry to say. There’s still more than enough you can modify, though, through a number of options. You’ll still need to pay for a good part of them, but they’re worth it to create the ultimate anti-hero team of your dreams.

Here now are the key areas you’ll want to check out when it comes to customizing your character.


It’s often said that clothes make the man, and that’s certainly the case with Grand Theft Auto V. When you’re first introduced to them, all three of the game’s main stars have a different fashion sense. Michael prefers a high-style sort of look with business suits and shoes; Franklin has a more relaxed style with his casual shirt and pants; Trevor doesn’t care, running around in a worn-out muscle shirt and jeans – and sometimes even his underwear, depending on the situation.

Over the course of the game, you’ll be able to dress these characters however you please, with a default wardrobe located in their closets. In pure Grand Theft Auto style, you can also visit a few select shops to change their wardrobe, including the following locations:

Binco – a popular low-end store from previous GTA games which makes its return, once again hawking quantity over quality when it comes to wardrobe.

ProLabs – an athletic store brand that’s very close to what Reebok has to offer, these guys provide all sorts of gear based on sports, including full-on scuba suits and bicycle shorts, among others.

Suburban – a mid-range store that specializes in average wear, good quality stuff that will last you a good portion of the game, if not for the entire thing.

Ponsonby’s – if you’ve got cash and want to splurge on the top-quality suits and shirts that show everyone you mean business, this is your one-stop shop

Obviously, stores vary throughout the city, so feel free to look around and see what they have to offer. Who knows, Trevor just might establish a fashion sense with your help. Then again…


Over the course of the game, you’ll be able to pick up accessories. These are completely secondary and don’t need to be used in the game, aside from the animal masks, which you might require for specific robbery missions. Outside of that, you can don these wherever you prefer.

These include hats, ranging from baseball caps to top-of-the-line Fedoras; sunglasses, which can make your character a bit less recognizable – and look pretty cool when you’re committing high-stakes crimes; bandanas, which you can sport if you feel like giving off a “gang vibe” during more dangerous missions; and wristwatches, which range from cheap knock-offs to sweet gold models, depending on what you’re in the mood for.

Some may prefer to keep things simple, but if you want to go nuts in a top hat and a pair of shades, you can do so.


When it comes to haircuts, some characters have more hairstyles available than others. Franklin, for instance, has a number to choose from, while Trevor, with his balding appearance, only has two.

Still, there’s something cool about being able to select the hairstyle you want to equip for your character, even if it’s something as suave as Elvis Hair. Make sure you track down one of the barbers in the city to style your hair. A word of warning, though – some of them are rather expensive. Fifty bucks?! Great Clips offers a cheaper deal than that!


Last but certainly not least, we have tattoos, which were first introduced in Grand Theft Auto IV and make their return here. To get these, simply find a tattoo parlor within your area – marked on your map – and step on in to get custom inked with a number of designs.

There are a number of areas on your body where you can get a tattoo, though some are ruled out – like private parts, since, well, we couldn’t see them anyway. This is a good opportunity to find something that fits your character, including bullets, daggers and so much more. You can choose whatever you wish, then go anywhere, including your arm, leg or even your lower back if you’re feeling bold enough to get a “tramp stamp.” In Trevor’s case, that might actually be fitting.

Like haircuts, tattoos can be quite expensive, going anywhere from $150 on up, so make sure you find a quality parlor that will get the job done for you.


Grand Theft Auto V is available now for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Be sure to check out our other guides as well, including our Beginners Tips and advice for losing the police.

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