Whenever Vanillaware, the developers behind Muramasa and Grimgrimoire, works on a new game, you can always bet it’ll have a distinctive hand-drawn art style along with gameplay that really draws you in.  We’ve seen these elements in a number of their products and have been highly anticipating their next game, Grand Knights History, for US release.  Sadly, it looks like that is no longer happening.

XSEED Games, the publisher that was to bring the game to the United States, has announced that the project has been cancelled.  When asked why, it issued the following statement…

“Unfortunately, it was determined that development resources required to localize the game were not available, necessitating its cancellation,” said the statement.  “We regret not being able to bring the game to our fans, but we are committed to our 2012 line-up and look forward to sharing more on these games in the coming weeks and months.”

If you really want to play Grand Knights History you can still import it since it’s out in Japan, though you’ll need a keen understanding of the language to get all the details down.  Good luck.