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Gran Turismo 6 Lets You Drive on the Moon

by Prima Games Staff

In the battle between 2013’s best racing games, Gran Turismo 6 has this new feature over Forza Motorsport 5: Sony’s game lets you drive on the moon.

Yes, the actual moon. We just learned that the sixth installment of the Real Driving Simulator lets players step behind the wheel of the LRV (Lunar Roving Vehicle) and experience the Apollo 15 expedition route, located in Hadley Rille, a valley located on the moon.

There appear to be three missions. Lunar Exploration: Mission II, in particular, tasks you with racing downhill in a low-gravity environment. Even better, you’ll be able to earn both credits and trophies that breakdown as follows: Gold (15,000 credits), Silver (10,000 credits), Bronze (5,000 credits).

Not everyone gets a chance to go to the moon, obviously, so this is without question one of the coolest features in Gran Turismo 6. You can pick up a copy starting this Friday, December 6th.

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