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Gran Turismo 6 Advanced Tips

Get the most from your virtual racing experience.
This article is over 10 years old and may contain outdated information

A few days ago, we walked you through the Beginner’s Tips for Gran Turismo 6, introducing you to the driving basics and how to achieve the best performance. However, it won’t be long before you earn the Novice Cup Championship and begin working through the ranks for a B-License and above.

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With that, we put together a helpful list of tips to evolve your driving skills and become the ruler of the road. It still depends on how well you take your turns, and what kind of car you’re proficient with, but these tips will certainly aid you in reaching the finish line. Good luck!

How to Handle Collisions in Gran Turismo 6

There are times in Gran Turismo 6 when you’ll end up bumping into something. It could be an aggressive driver trying to catch up to you from behind, or you being unfortunate enough to slide off the road and into a wall.

If this is the case, there are situations where you can restart – like during a normal event or an Arcade Race – but others, you’ll need to start the championship over entirely.

When you do collide with an object, try to recover as quickly as possible. If a car hits you from behind or the side, stay your course and continue to keep the speed, and try to get back in his or her way again.

If it’s coming off a wall, it’s a little trickier, since you may have to compensate for a loss of speed. The best thing you can do, however, is start up again and catch up with the pack. Most of the time, you won’t have a problem catching up to the opposition. In tougher races, though, they could give you a run for their money. Still, it’s best to stay in it and don’t let the mistakes get you down. After all, these drivers are chasing the same thing as you – victory.

How to Use Driving Aids in Gran Turismo 6 

When you first begin Gran Turismo 6, you’ll have a number of tools switched on that will help you over the course of each event. Some, like the anti-braking system and steering assist, can be turned off over time. However, there’s one crucial tool you’ll want to stick with as long as you can – the driver assist arrows.

As mentioned in the Beginner’s Tips, these arrows show you just how fast you need to be going on a turn to avoid veering off the road. If you see a straight line, you’ll want to slow down as quickly as possible so you can master the turn. If you see blue arrows, you’re good to go.

Do you really need these lines? Well, it depends on your skill level in the Gran Turismo series. If you’re a newbie, they’ll be crucial in getting the most out of your driving skills. However, if you’re an experienced pro and understands the contours of the road – and have enough perception that you can see the turns on the mini-map – then you can probably switch them off.

Just remember, they’re there to help you.

Should I Use Automatic Or Manual Shifting In Gran Turismo 6?

A lot of driving games these days offer the opportunity to race with either automatic or manual shifting. Automatic handles the gears for you, so you can concentrate more on acceleration and staying on the road. Meanwhile, manual introduces a strategic new dynamic, one where you can shift your gears and keep the speed of your car just where you need it to be. If you don’t gear up, you’re gunning your engine at a certain level that can’t excel. If you do, it’ll speed back up and pick up momentum.

So, what kind of gear shifting is right for you? Again, it depends on expertise. First-time players or arcade-style drivers will want to stick to automatic so they can concentrate on other things. Pro players – or those with those fancy Logitech steering wheels – may prefer the manual route, if only to feel what their car is going through during each race.

You’re certainly welcome to try both and see what style works best for you, so don’t feel bad if the manual shifting doesn’t quite fit. Some people just want to gun the pedal.

Complete Mini-Games in Gran Turismo 6

Finally, although you may be tempted to continue on your merry little way in Career Mode and earning as many stars as you can, there’s always an opportunity to kick back and try different challenges. The B-License tests, for example, teach you the finer points of braking by having you accelerate as quickly as possible to a zone, then brake without going over road cones.

That’s not all. Aside from official tests, there are also Coffee Break Challenges where you can get the most out of your driving status with fun mini-games. The first is a real doozy, placing you in the center of the Gran Turismo Arena and asking you to run over 300 road cones in a certain time frame. This is a great way to really learn what your car can do, as well as the emergency brake, which is terrific when it comes to sliding turns and immediate stops.

When you are chasing after these cones, try to stick to the inside path as much as possible. These are where most of the cones are, compared to small groups that are hanging around on the outside. Remember, the goal here is to knock down as many as possible, preferably within a 30-second time frame.

If you see these challenges open up, take ’em on. They may not be super-serious racing events, but they’ll help you become a better driver than you may realize.

Gran Turismo 6 is available now for PlayStation 3.

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