Codemasters' long-awaited sequel GRiD 2 is just a few days from release, but some of you are wondering how you can get the ultimate feeling out of the sequel.  How about investing a whole bunch of British pounds into the Mono Edition?

A retailer called Game UK is offering a one-of-a-kind limited edition of the racing game, one that will set you back 125,000 pounds.  But you do get something for your money in the form of a 170 mph BAC Mono supercar.  Yes, an actual race car.  It features a GRiD 2-inspired paint job, so you'll feel like it ties in with the game.  You'll also get a tour of the BAC factory where you'll be able to customize your ride however you please in addition to a GRiD 2 helmet, race suit, boots and gloves.

So if you're a racing fan, head on over and place your order.  Otherwise you can settle for the regular edition of the game, which arrives this Tuesday for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.