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Gord Reveal Trailer Shows Off Settlement Manager Horror

by Jesse Vitelli

Last week the internet was treated to a teaser trailer for a new game called Gord. Well, we have a bunch of new news alongside the official reveal trailer below.

Gord Reveal Trailer Shows Off Settlement Manager Horror

Developed by Covenant, a new Poland-based studio developed by former CD Projekt Red devs, Gord is a single-player adventure-strategy game. 

Gord is a procedurally generated survival game that will be different each time you take a stab at it. You’ll be tasked with completing quests and managing your camp to see and live their stories. Their morale will determine how well you survive the horrors that await.

The game features a variety of spells the players can cast. Some offensive while others defensive in nature. These will be key to your survival in combat. But combat isn’t the only thing you’ll be fighting in Gord.

You’ll need to manage your settlement’s insanity and hunger meetings. This will directly affect their psychological state. Keeping everything managed will be crucial to making sure nothing goes wrong inside the walls while you defend the outside. 

You’ll also be tasked with tracking down pages of lore scattered across the world. This will help further explain the lore of Gord. 

Gord will be releasing in 2022 for PC. 

Check out the reveal trailer right here.

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