Raising Kratos is a new documentary now available that dives deep into the creation of the PlayStation 4 experience: God of War. Cory Barlog and the entire team at Santa Monica poured their hearts and souls into this title, and that dedication continues to show through the community that loved it so much. Now fans can learn even more with the Raising Kratos full documentary seen in the video above! 

"Facing an unknown future, Santa Monica Studio took a massive risk, fundamentally changing their beloved franchise and re-establishing their rightful place in video game history," reads the video's official description. "More than just a "making of," this cinematic journey of second chances rooted in family, sacrifice, struggle and doubt follows game director Cory Barlog and those who chase perfection in art and storytelling. Witness the incredible defeats, the unpredictable outcomes and the down-to-the-wire tension on full display in this true-life redemption story."

Fans witnessed the sheer joy that the well reception brought the director himself when Barlog took to social media in happy tears over gamers and their love for God of War. It's clear that this was a labor of love, and that attention to detail gave us a new way to experience Kratos and see him as we've never seen him before: As a father.

With a phenomenal story, incredible character interaction, and a soundtrack to die for, it's easy to see why God of War is still winning awards to this day. So celebrate with us and check out the video above to see exactly what went into making this gaming experience. 

Haven't played the game yourself? God of War is available now exclusively on PlayStation 4.