We’re all guilty of it. Procrastination. Whether it’s a busy workweek, a series of really late night Battlefield 3 sessions, or we just plum forgot, we’ve all left our Father’s Day shopping until the last minute one time or another. Luckily, we’re looking ahead this year and we’re ready to help you find a few last minute gifts for the gaming dad. 

Best of all, these are all under a cool C-note!

Gift: Razer Naga Expert MMO Gaming Mouse (2012 Edition) - $79.99

Type of dad: MMO Gamer

Why: Razer is well known for their kick-ass peripherals and their series of MMO gaming mice (mouses? meeces?) don’t disappoint. Sporting 17 buttons and interchangeable faceplates, this mouse is sure to come in handy (see what we did there?) for any MMO, be it Star Wars: The Old Republic or World of Warcraft.

Best feature: Razer Synapse 2.0 software. With Razer’s proprietary software, you can customize the button layout to include any number of spells, abilities, macros, etc. In fact, you can even program it to brew coffee and bring in the morning newspaper. Not really. 

Gift: Xbox Live/Playstation Plus Subscription - $50.00 

Type of dad: Online gamer

Why: Why? Because you never think about renewing your membership until it’s too late, that’s why. So why not save your dad from having to re-up their membership late at night just before a Call of Duty marathon? 

Best feature: Being able to play with or against Pops if you’re no loner living in the same region. Seriously, what better way to keep in touch than by sharing in some online co-op or watching some Netflix together from across state lines?

Gift: N7 Hooded Utility Jacket - $39.99


Type of dad: Fashionable gamer

Why: Have you seen this jacket? That’s all the reason you need! But if you want more, then here are a few other reasons. When it comes to gaming or pop-culture apparel, it pretty much always boils down to two types of clothing: smarmy printed tees and deceptively charming, yet fashionable wear. The N7 Hooded Utility Jacket falls into camp number two. Not only is it comfy, but aesthetically, it’s a nice balance of “I love Mass Effect” and “I could probably wear this out to a casual get-together without screaming ‘I’m a gamer!’” You know, because sometimes, you just want to be warm.

Best feature: The hood of course! Oh, and for the record, these are very well constructed. Seriously, they’re made to last.

Gift: ION iCade Cabinet for iPad - $69.99

Type of dad: Retro gamer

Why: Right about now, you can probably take a walk in a major department store and find all those cheesy “daddy desk” gifts in the isles, like tie racks, mini pool tables, motorized shoe buffers, and the ever-so-despised singing fish. Well, this is dangerously close to being one of those types of gifts, but it’s just too retro, and too awesome to fall into that category. If your dad has an iPad and can fondly look back on the days when games only had high scores, then score one of these for him.

Best feature: Super cool retro aesthetic will be a great conversation starter at the office. Oh, and it’s really the ONLY way to play old-school games on the iPad.

Gift: Collectible Star Wars art - $50-$100

Type of dad: Cool dads (or, at least one that likes Star Wars)

Why: If you could see my desk area right now, you’d know exactly why this is on the list. Movie art and gaming art is no longer what it once was: fan art. Over the last few years it has grown and matured into a respectable, highly collectable industry. And with companies like MondoTees.com, Sideshow Collectibles, and Acme Archives Direct, you’ll have an easy time finding just the right art piece to adorn your father’s office, den, garage, whatever.

Best feature: Have you seen this