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Ghost of Tsushima Reveals New Co-Op Multiplayer Mode

by Eric Garrett

Ghost of Tsushima arrived earlier this summer, offering players a new adventure set in a beautiful open world. The Sucker Punch title is not only known for its stunning visuals, but also the gripping narrative. That said, a new co-op multiplayer mode has been announced by the developers and it will be arriving this fall.

Taking to the PlayStation Blog, senior game designer Darren Bridges outlined what Legends is all about. For starters, Legends will be a free update for Ghost of Tsushima owners. The new online cooperative multiplayer mode will not see Jin in the spotlight, but instead four new warriors who the people of Tsushima have told stories about. The mode will also feature new locations and enemies that take inspiration from Japanese folk tales.

Bridges notes that they developed the new Ghost of Tsushima mode “to be an exclusively cooperative gameplay experience.” Players will be able to partner up with up to three others, whether with friends or through online matchmaking. Once in a group, players will be able to select from one of four character classes: Assassin, Hunter, Ronin, and Samurai. It is also mentioned that more details will be revealed later about each class’s abilities and advantages.

When it comes to two players in Ghost of Tsushima: Legends, the duo will take on a set of co-op Story missions escalating in difficulty, while a four-player team will tackle wave-based Survival missions that feature the toughest of enemies. Should players prove themselves worthy of these challenges, a new four-player Raid will be launching shortly after the arrival of Legends. This is where players will truly be tested in a new realm and with a “brutal, terrifying enemy.”

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Ghost of Tsushima is currently available exclusively on PlayStation 4, with the free Legends update arriving at some point this fall. For even more tips and tricks and all things Tsushima, be sure to check out our game hub!

What do you think about all of this? Are you excited to jump into the new Ghost of Tsushima multiplayer update when it arrives later this year? Which character class do you believe you’ll be choosing? Drop those thoughts over on our Twitter @PrimaGames!