This morning, the Sony studio Sucker Punch announced that the multiplayer mode in Ghost of Tsushima will receive a standalone release as well as a new “Rivals” mode on September 3. 

Ghost of Tsushima Legends Multiplayer Mode Is Now A Standalone Purchase, New "Rivals" Mode Coming September 3 

Here’s the description of the new mode from the PlayStation Blog.

“In Rivals, two teams of two will compete to defeat waves of enemies. With each defeated foe, you’ll collect Magatama that you can use to harm the other team. For example, you can spend Magatama on Shades to block your opponents’ purchases, Curses (health drain, exploding bodies, etc), Hwacha fire, and more. Once you’ve spent enough Magatama, you’ll unlock Final Stand waves. Complete these before the opposing team to win!”

This mode will be added on September 3, just a few weeks after the release of Ghost os Tsushima Director’s Cut for the PlayStation 5. 

This update will also include the Gear Mastery system which will add a new set of challenges to for players who have the highest tier gear. It will further enhance the gear and increase the power level. 

On August 20, some balance changes will be coming to Legends, which will include shortened Survival mode sessions and a weekly Survival Nightmare challenge. As well as a bunch of new cosmetic items. 

All of these updates are free to players who already own the game, but if you don’t and are just interested in the multiplayer mode, Sucker Punch is now offering The Legends mode as a standalone game. It will be available on PlayStation 4 and 5 for $19.99. If you purchase this and want to upgrade to the full version it will only cost you $40 from there, so no need to purchase the game twice.

The team will also be adding new items and maps to the mode every week from September 10 to October 1. 

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