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Ghost of Tsushima: Legends Launching on October 16

by Jesse Vitelli

Today, on the PlayStation Blog, developer Sucker Punch announced the release date for the four-player cooperative mode in Ghost of Tsushima. Ghost of Tsushima: Legends will launch on October 16 and offer a wide variety of single-player and cooperative content for players to enjoy.


With this free update, players will now take on specific two-player story missions to earn new gear and weapons. They will also have the ability to launch into a four-player survival mode, in which they must survive waves of enemies until they finally fall in battle. 

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Both of these modes offer new weapons, armor, and charms to increase their character’s power further. A few weeks after launch, an all-new raid will be introduced into the fold. This is for players who have a team of four-players with top-tier gear.

In Ghost of Tsushima: Legends, players choose between four different classes: the PlayStation Blog describes below.


Samurai players can run straight toward combat and stay there, sustaining their health while chopping enemies down left and right. When you’re overwhelmed, use the Hachiman’s Fury ultimate attack to slash through enemies in a flurry of strikes.


As a Hunter, you can stand on the edge of combat and snipe enemies, before they even see you. You can also use explosive arrows to slow down groups, and when the combat gets really fierce, the Eye of Uchitsune ultimate attack will unleash multiple arrows straight at your enemies’ heads.


Ronin players can revive their entire team with the Breath of Izanami ultimate ability. You might play Ronin because you want to help your human friends… or you might do it because the Ronin class is also able to summon a Spirit Dog. (And yes, you can ABSOLUTELY pet your Spirit Dog!)


If you prefer doing massive damage with a single attack, you’ll love the Assassin. The Shadow Strike ultimate attack will allow you to teleport across the battlefield and directly strike your enemies. If that’s not intimidating enough, wait until you see the terrifying masks the Assassin gets to wear!

You’ll be able to mix and match these classes any way you and your team seem fit. If you all want to play the same class, you can do that or play different ones. The choice is up to you.

Ghost of Tsushima is also getting some single-player updates with this patch as well. The biggest of these updates is New Game+. Players will be able to play through the game again with all of their abilities unlocked from the beginning. 

A new merchant can only be found on New Game+, selling unique charms and armor dyes. This gives players something else to chase after during their second playthrough of the game.

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