Ghost Recon Breakpoint has officially been revealed in a world premiere showcase by Ubisoft and fans got their first look at what the next adventure has in store. From the inclusion of the Wolves to finding out how to survive behind enemy lines, the Wildlands sequel has a lot to offer fans of Tom Clancy. Just don't expect it to be political, at least according to Ubisoft. 

"We're creating a game here, we're not trying to make political statements in our games," said lead developer Sebastien Le Prestre in a recent interview with GameSpot. "We've rooted ourselves in reality, and you'll get what you get out of your playthrough--everybody will get something different out of their experience. The story might make you see different situations, but we're not trying to guide anybody or to make any sorts of statements. It's a 'What if?' scenario, it's Tom Clancy, it's purely fictional."

That being said, Community Developer Laura Cordrey jumped in to say that they are "always inspired" by what's going on in present-day news and that inspiration helps to keep their narratives authentic. Though their tales are inspired, the team was careful to say that everything in-game is completely fictional and is not meant to be reflective of any personal views. 

Ubisoft and politics have definitely clashed in the past, including their not-so-subtle marketing for The Division 2. That being said, it's hard not to take in external inspiration from day-to-day life, but Ubisoft seems to be balancing it well, providing a genuine gaming experience that doesn't involve corrective thinking goals for its player base. 

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