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Get Spooky With The New Paranormal Pack for The Sims 4

by Morgan Shaver

If you’ve ever wondered what it’d be like to put your Sim in a haunted house, you’ll soon be able to find out! A spooky new pack will be available for The Sims 4 later this month that includes features like being able to live in a haunted house, perform seances, befriend ghosts, and more. 

Get Spooky With The New Paranormal Pack for The Sims 4

Halloween was three months ago, but there’s never a bad time to experience all of the thrills and chills that a haunted house has to offer. Starting January 26, a new “Paranormal Stuff Pack” will be available for The Sims 4.

For new Sims 4 owners who’ve never purchased expansions before, “Stuff Packs” are smaller packs that tend to be priced around $9.99 that add a few new things to the game, but aren’t large enough to be considered full expansions. 

A good example is the Tiny Living Stuff Pack that gives your Sim the ability to live in a tiny home. To add even more to your Sims 4 experience, there are medium “Game Packs” for $19.99 and then the larger “Expansion Packs” for $39.99.

Being a “Stuff Pack” the new paranormal expansion for The Sims 4 is smaller, but judging by the trailer and the description of everything included, it’s sure to keep you and your Sim busy.

In a post from EA, the “Paranormal Stuff Pack” is described in chilling detail.

“As the house gets weirder and weirder, goosebumps rise and scared Sims scatter in a panic-induced terror. Luckily, your Sim doesn’t have to deal with this alone! There’s one helpful friend who’s happy to help: Claude René Duplantier Guidry (the Ghost). This somewhat flirty apparition offers the secrets to serenity. Under his tutelage, learn how to appease the specters ruining a good night’s sleep.

Some specters are playful, other mischievous, and a few are downright ornery. If they leave accursed objects behind, try to tidy up and remove them. Offer gifts or attempt communicating with the specters to try and please them. If they’re satisfied, Sims might get a present in return as the specter fades away. Otherwise, it’s time to turn to the séance table.

Séances serve as a way to communicate with the world beyond. Perform a séance to sense the mood of specters, commune with the dead, or complete a ghastly ritual. Plus, Sims can summon Guidry for extra help or summon Bonehilda the skeletal maid for a spot of cleaning! Doing so builds a Sim’s Medium skill. (Do be careful not to go ghost yourself, though.)

Once a Sim overcomes their fear, restores balance to the home, and masters the paranormal, Guidry the Ghost presents a coveted Paranormal Investigator license. Basically, your Sim can become a ghost hunter. No, ghost tracker. Ghost… buster? You ain’t afraid of no ghost, right? Pick up gigs as a freelance Paranormal Investigator to help other Sims experiencing haunting phenomena and make a few Simoleons while you’re at it!” 

The post concludes by reminding Sims 4 players that the Paranormal Stuff Pack will be available starting January 26 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC (Origin, Mac, Steam). For more on the Paranormal Stuff Pack, be sure to check out the reveal trailer below! 



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