Lyney from Genshin Impact Character Art Differences
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Genshin Impact Re-Reveals Fontaine Characters With a Sinister Twist

Can you spot the differences?

In a weird move, HoYoverse has re-released Lyney’s, Lynette’s, and Freminent’s drip marketing art on all of the Genshin Impact accounts. However, only when you get to Lyney’s art will you notice that there is something terribly wrong with them. Note that this article contains spoilers, so read on at your own risk.

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The recurrence of this trio of drip marketing doesn’t signal that, come 4.2, Lyney will be reappearing on the banner, but rather it marks the differences of what the Traveler thought of the siblings versus what they know now. Revealed to have been part of the Fatui, the siblings all now show a different ring just behind their character art, which once before marked the different Elements within the game. Instead, it has been replaced with depictions of the different Harbinger members within the Fatui, with Lyney’s outright showing the Fatui Icon commonly seen on the Insignia now depicted on his playing card. 

Not only that but instead of the line deliveries coming from the characters, they are now accompanied by lines said to them by Arlecchino. In their second accompanying piece of art, we also get additional stories of the siblings when they are actually a part of the ‘family’ that Arlecchino put together, specifically the three of them now forming a team to perform missions for Father. 

The most eerie revelation of all these is Lyney’s. Where once he was smiling, his expression is now replaced with one of apathy and clear of all mischief he once held. In his hand, he now holds the symbol of the Fatui rather than his normal playing card. Within his description are Arlecchino’s lines, “…a child must grow up, and they must surpass their parents…I look forward to hearing what ‘family’ means to him.” Fans amidst Twitter and Reddit forms alike have already theorized that Arlecchino is preparing Lyney to take her place eventually, and this just might be the clue they needed to solidify that. 

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With the siblings now being an active threat to the Traveler, we can only hope for more answers as to their involvement when the story continues in the next update of 4.1. Lyney, Lynette, and Freminent may no longer be on such friendly terms with us as they once were once Arlecchino finally makes her appearance on the scene.

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