Genshin Impact May Finally Introduce a Gun Slinger as the Newest Weapon in Upcoming Banners

Is it here? Is it finally happening?!

Chevreuse and Navia from Genshin Impact
Images from Genshin Impact Official Twitter

In Genshin Impact’s latest drip marketing, there is confirmation that in the next banner for the 4.3 update, Navia will be premiering as well as another character that has not shown up in the game thus far. The images reveal that Genshin Impact may be receiving a Gun Slinger character.

Chevreuse’s art was dropped alongside Navia’s, indicating that she will premiere sometime in 4.3 as either another Five-Star or Four-Star character. The most interesting thing about the upcoming Chevreuse is that she appears to be holding a musket in her artwork. This is the second time that fans have seen guns being wielded in Fontaine with the first of which being Clorinde in the trailer for all the Fontaine characters back before 4.0.

It hasn’t been confirmed what type of weapon Chevreuse will wield, and it may just end up being an additional weapon, such as Mika’s crossbow. The thrill of a new weapon, however, is exciting in that it’ll further expand the gameplay and combat options in Genshin Impact which have varied from previous patches of versatility and interest. 

Chevreuse will be a Pyro, Ousia-aligned character who is said to be a Special Security and Surveillance Patrol Captain so she’s likely part of the overworld police operations. Nothing is confirmed about her kit yet, however, the word “Sclopetrum” in her constellation Sclopetum Ensiferum does translate to “shotgun”, so perhaps we may see a new weapon in Genshin Impact’s future.

And finally, after three long patches, Navia, Helm of the Radiant Rose, and Boss of the Spina di Rosula will be up for the Limited-Run Character Banner. As already implied from previous cut scenes, Navia will be a Geo Claymore user. And while they equipped her with the Whiteblind, a weapon that increases Defense, there isn’t much known about her kit that has been confirmed by HoYoverse. 

Having already been on quite the journey with her through our misadventures through Fontaine, she will finally be able to join our team officially. Although Navia and Chevreuse won’t be available until 4.3, there is still so much to look forward to in the upcoming update for Genshin Impact. Make sure that you aren’t missing out on any of the information that was covered in the latest stream and head over to our article covering everything to look forward to in Genshin Impact’s 4.2 update!

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