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Gearbox Software Was Once Asked About Working On Call of Duty

by Prima Games Staff

Despite the millions of dollars that it would obviously rake in, not everyone is crazy about working on a Call of Duty project.  And here’s something that might blow your mind – Gearbox Software was once given the option to do so.  And they refused.

In an interview with German website KGN, Gearbox president Randy Pitchford explained that Activision, at one point, approached Gearbox about working on a new Call of Duty game.  However, he ended up turning them down, and he explained in a bit of detail as to why.

“I couldn’t see what there was to aim for,” Pitchford stated. “There would be two scenarios in which a project makes sense for Gearbox. Firstly, if the game wouldn’t come into being without us. Secondly, if we can genuinely contribute something new to an existing brand, offer a unique perspective or a new approach.”

He also talked about the pre-existing expectations behind working on the franchise.  “The people who deliver Call of Duty have to make the game that fans want and adhere to the rules of the series, to do what is expected of Call of Duty. I don’t really see a challenge there for us. It wouldn’t enhance our reputation as a studio and it wouldn’t really motivate our team,” he explained.

But this doesn’t mean any ill will between the companies.  “This is a very individual opinion and not meant to sound condescending,” he assured.

Meanwhile, Gearbox’s latest, Aliens: Colonial Marines, hits stores next month, courtesy of Sega.

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