Games Confirmed For Xbox One

Ready to take a spin with Forza again and get some Call of Duty details?

Today was all about the big mega reveal for Microsoft’s next game console, Xbox One.

EA Sports took the stage to reveal four big next-generation projects coming to Xbox One – FIFA 14, Madden NFL 25, NBA Live 14, and UFC.  All four are expected to launch sometime within the next 12 months, and will make use of the new EA Ignite game engine.

The company then explained how well Ignite works, explaining that it creates a very close line between realistic and virtual.  Instances in decision making, human intelligence and emotion, dynamic environments, and so forth will all play a part with this engine.  Here’s hoping we see more EA franchises down the road, including NHL and *fingers crossed* Dead Space.  EA also explained that FIFA 14’s Ultimate Team will be featured on Xbox One.

Gameplay footage then showed the level of realism with player models and environments, from the glimmer of lights coming off football helmets to the pure thrusting power of an incoming UFC fighter.  NBA Live looked pretty good as well, though more footage was shown from the other games.

Microsoft also confirmed that Forza Motorsport would be making a return on the Xbox One, as a brief glimpse of the game was shown during its introduction.  The company then showed off a fantastic trailer featuring cars zooming around a city with utmost detail.  We’ll post that trailer a bit later on.

Remedy Studios took the stage next, with a new project called Quantum Break.  Footage of a ship crashing through a bridge was shown, indicating just what Remedy could do with the new hardware.  “Time is the fire in which we burn,” concluded the trailer, along with glimpses of its main character.

15 more Xbox One games will be revealed around E3, including eight all new franchises.

Finally, to close out the show, Activision showed first gameplay footage from Call of Duty: Ghosts, and revealed that downloadable content would be exclusive to Xbox One before going to other consoles.

Activision’s Eric Hirshberg explained that the game has an all new approach and is built upon a new engine.  

Stephen Gaghan, the screenwriter behind Syriana and Traffic, worked with the story writers on the game to make it as realistic as possible.  Dogs will also be introduced in the game as a squad member.  Bits and pieces of gameplay were revealed and they look spectacular.

Multiplayer was also discussed, in which Infinity Ward is revamping quite a bit.  Dynamic maps will now have various changes, including player-driven actions and natural events that can change the flow of the map.  

A side-by-side video piece was then shown, with the texture and skin differences between models from the previously released Modern Warfare 3 and Ghosts.  Environments were also shown with various differences demonstrated, though it mainly showed in the lighting.

Finally, some gameplay was shown, with breathtaking snippets of a dive off an exploding building and the flooding of a damn, complete with wild water effects. 

Forza 5 and Call of Duty: Ghosts will launch with the Xbox One later this year.

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