There is a Fungus Among Us in A Newly Revealed Map for The Popular Deduction Game 

What’s all this fungle business!

A brand new map for Among Us was revealed at the September 2023 Nintendo Direct presentation. The Fungle pits players against each other on a mysterious, mushroom-filled island.

The Nintendo Direct took place Thursday at 10 AM ET, showcasing plenty of exciting new games and the return of some OG titles thanks to popular demand. Other games, meanwhile, will get some downloadable content and a much-needed facelift. All of this will take place between now and 2024. One of the reveals was the introduction of a new map coming to the Deduction Game, Among Us. The new map has received the title: The Fungle.

new tasks, new hiding spots, and more, the fungle
New Tasks Coming With New Map in Among Us (Screenshot via Prima Games)

Nintendo went on further, stating that the new map for Among Us will be available as early as October 2023 and will be available for free for all players. Players will be happy to know there are some new grounds to round up the troops and wreak havoc through betrayal, as they get to search and find the imposter among the group in a new colorful setup with new hiding spots, new tasks, new methods to kill each other, as well as new secrets to discover.

The new Fungle map is said to be a mysterious mushroom-filled island. The news of a new map is a welcomed addition, ending a two-year hiatus since their last map update. It will become the fifth map added to Among Us, following the Airship map, which was released back in March 2021.

The five Among Us maps are as follows:

  • The Skeld,
  • MIRA HQ,
  • Polus,
  • The Airship, and
  • The Fungle.
new map being added to among us
Find the Imposter Among the Group: The Fungle (Screenshot via Prima Games)

Innersloth initially broke the news​​ of the new location at the Summer Game Fest event on June 10, 2021. Not much was given away at the time of the announcement, except for a weird-looking object. It was also only known as Map 5.

As mentioned earlier, there’s plenty to be excited about following the Nintendo Direct. To find out what else is coming in the foreseeable future, you can read: Princess Peach Showtime Reveal Showcases Showstopping New Abilities and Release Date.

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