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Frostpunk’s People and Automatons DLC Lets Players Name Citizens

by Larryn Bell

Keeping in line with their post-launch roadmap, developer 11 Bit Studios has just released another free content update for their frosty societal survival game, Frostpunk. Aptly named the “People and Automatons” DLC, today’s free content update grants players the ability to name human citizens as well as steam-powered machines in their society.

Players will now be able to search for citizens and automatons by name, offering a more efficient way to manage and organize their city. The People and Automatons DLC is the second free content update to arrive for Frostpunk following the Survivor Mode update that released in June.

The People and Automatons DLC also applies new visuals to various objects and elements in the game, including Hunter Airships, Hunters’ Huts, Gathering Posts, Outposts, and Workshops. The graphical adjustments not only help to give your city a more polished appearance, but also help make identifying certain structures much easier. “From now on your city will look better than ever before and what’s more, it will be easier to find certain facilities among all the other buildings,” said 11 Bit Studios in today’s patch notes.

The free update also adds device support for the Intel Skull Canyon NUC as well as Razer Chroma. Players who own either of these devices can now synchronize their device’s customization features to coincide with Frostpunk. Various bug fixes and optimizations were made to building grids and other facets of the game as well. 

For the full list of changes in the People and Automaton DLC update for Frostpunk, check out the official patch notes on Steam.  

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