A brand-new PlayStation VR game has been announced as part of the PlayStation Blog PSVR Spotlight today. Fracked is a fast-paced action game that features run and cover gameplay, free running, skiing, and climbing, all in VR!

Fracked, A Brand New Action Game Comes To PlayStation VR This Summer 

The trailer, which can be seen below, features a ton of action-packed moments. Whether that is running and sliding into cover to get the drop on an enemy, or skiing down the slopes to get to your next destination. 

This game comes from Ngames, which brought us Phantom Covert: Ops. This seems like the next evolution of what the studio is capable of.  Fracked will launch exclusively on the PlayStation VR this summer.

Here is some more information about Fracked courtesy of the PlayStation Blog

“This is unashamedly a true VR game only possible with PS Move controllers! Climbing, ziplining, reloading and in-world interactions are all driven 1:1 by the player’s hands. We couldn’t do this using a traditional gamepad.

Skiing requires you to physically lean to steer and control. As with the rest of the game it is integrated with the combat – we’ll be showing this in the weeks ahead.”

The game will also be getting PlayStation 5 enhancements, allowing the game to take advantage of better framerate, faster loading times, and higher resolution. 

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