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Fortnite’s 16.20 Update Adds Two New Bow Types

by Morgan Shaver

The 16.20 update for Fortnite has a number of things for players to look forward to, notably the addition of two new bow types. Information on the 16.20 update has been steadily rolling out prior to its launch thanks to dataminers who’ve provided details on each of these bow types along with things like vehicle mods and cosmetics like the Princess Fishstick Outfit. 

Fortnite’s 16.20 Update Adds Two New Bow Types

Image Sources: Grappler Bow from iFireMonkey, Splinter Bow from ShiinaBR

Two new bow types are being added to Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6. The information was first revealed by dataminers along with other details about the 16.20 update including the rollout of new cosmetics in the Item Shop like the Princess Fishstick Outfit and the introduction of Vehicle Mods to the game. 

Starting with the bows, one of the new bows is called the Grappler Bow and can be purchased from the NPC Lara Croft in Fortnite. The bow is described as a “long range grappling device that also deals damage” with damage listed at 89. 

The other bow is called the Splinter Bow which deals more damage than the Grappler Bow at 100, but it has a slower reload time at 1.3 seconds compared to the Grappler Bow’s 1.0 second reload.

The addition of the two different bows makes sense when you look at the announcement of Aloy being added to Fortnite along with a LTM called “Team Up! Aloy and Lara” featuring – you guessed it – Aloy and Lara Croft. 

The Splinter Bow is very reminiscent of the sort of bows that Aloy uses in Horizon Zero Dawn, while the Grappler Bow fits perfectly with Lara Croft. We look forward to testing each of these new bows out as soon as we’re able to.

If bows aren’t your thing and you’re more of a collector of cosmetics, the 16.20 update will add the silly and adorable Princess Fishstick Outfit to the Item Shop rotation. Other cosmetics include Outfits like Grimey, Eco, Aspen, and Rebirth Harley Quinn, with lobby tracks like Guard Gang, and weapon wraps like Bloomsday and Grimules. 

You can see these cosmetic items in the embedded tweet from iFireMonkey below.

And if all of that isn’t enough to get you hyped for the 16.20 update, Vehicle Mods are apparently coming to Fortnite. Among these Vehicle Mod teases are the Chonkers Off-Road Tires (seen in the trailer embedded at the bottom of this article), “Scoop” Front Bumper, and “Mega Booster” Bumper.

As noted by iFireMonkey, a new location is being added to the map called Chonker’s Customs which is the name for the Catty Corner garage. It seems like players may be able to test these Vehicle Mods out there, and perhaps elsewhere as well.

We’ll have more exact information on Vehicle Mods in the near future as we test them out ourselves. 

Finally, there are a ton of Creative Mode updates that were previously outlined in a post on the Fortnite blog, which you can read through here. Among the Creative Mode updates are the addition of Joyride Vehicles and large matchmaking support for up to 50-player games.

Now that you know some of the content being added to Fortnite via the 16.20 update, we’re curious to hear your thoughts on some of the additions like the two new bows and Vehicle Mods.

Let us know what your favorite 16.20 update addition is on our social media channels including Facebook and Twitter, and stay tuned for more Fortnite updates and guides as the 16.20 update rolls out across all platforms!

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