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Fortnite Update v3.3 Patch Notes: Supply Llamas In, Smoke Grenades Out

by Larryn Bell

Fortnite Update v3.3 went live earlier this morning, adding new features to both Battle Royale and Save the World. This update marks the debut of Remote Explosives in Fortnite Battle Royale, an exciting new equipment item perfect for destroying buildings and leaving an explosive surprise for enemies. Fortnite Update v3.3 also introduces a new limited-time mode for Battle Royale called Blitz, which consists of fast-paced matches with much shorter storm times. Note that while the bulk of Patch v3.3 went live today, Blitz mode will kick off on March 19. 

One of the major features of Fortnite Update v3.3 is the addition of Supply Llamas in Fortnite Battle Royale. According to the most recent Dev Update video from Epic, these Llamas will “help you out in a pinch” and can be randomly found throughout the island.

Unlike the Loot Llamas in Save the World, the Supply Llamas in Fortnite Battle Royale will act more like random loot drops, similar to treasure chests and ammo boxes. Players will be able to interact with Supply Llamas to obtain in-game items during a match. These Llamas are not to be confused with the giant Llama statue required for the Crab, Fox, and Llama Weekly Challenge.

While Fortnite Update v3.3 adds new features like Llamas, some items from Battle Royale are also getting shelved in the update. Epic has confirmed that smoke grenades are being removed and will join SMGs in the vault until further notice. Based on internal feedback and analytics, the developers determined that smoke grenades weren’t being used effectively. Epic plans to rework smoke grenades and will reintroduce them when they’re ready.

As with most major Fortnite updates, PvE players can look forward to a new series of quests in Save the World as well. Fortnite Update v3.3 marks the start of a new chapter in the Spring It On! event, unlocking the Luck of the Storm quest line just in time for St. Patrick’s Day weekend.

fortnite v3.3 patch notes

Completing the Luck of the Storm quests will reward players with an Epic Leprechaun Survivor and the choice of one of three Legendary St. Patrick’s-themed heroes: Luck Demolisher Wildcat, Highland Warrior Wildcat, or Battle Hound Jonesy.

To view the full list of changes for Update v3.3, head over to the Epic Games blog for the official Fortnite v3.3 Patch Notes. Also, make sure you’re ready to play Fortnite on the go by signing up for the Fortnite Mobile beta, which was recently announced for iOS.

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