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Fortnite Glider Redeploy is Being Itemized

by Larryn Bell

Tuesday, January 15 marks the return of the glider redeploy feature in Fortnite, though it won’t work quite like how it did before. According to a new post today on the Epic Games blog, glider redeploy will be reenabled in the game as a new consumable item in Fornite.

A new ‘Glider’ item will be available to loot throughout the map in Fortnite following patch update 7.20, which is scheduled to go live tomorrow morning. The Glider item can be found in regular loot spawn locations, which include chests, vending machines, and supply llamas. 

Each Glider consumable will consist of a certain number of charges/uses. Once players pick up the new Glider item, they can redeploy their glider from tall heights at will, consuming a Glider charge for each redeploy. Although the item does take up an inventory slot, you won’t have to select the item in order to use it. 

In larger team-based LTMs such as Soaring 50s, players will be given a Glider item with 50 charges to start out with. Rifts-to-Go and Launch Pads will not consume an item charge, as these items allow for glider redeploy automatically in Skydiving mode. 

Glider redeploy was an issue of contention amongst Fortnite players, and most of the community was split on whether or not to keep glider redeploy in the game after Epic tested the feature in regular matches several months ago. It’s hard to tell whether the new itemized glider redeploy feature will stick around for long. 

To learn more about the glider redeploy item and changes coming in the next big Season 7 update, be sure to check back here tomorrow for the full Fortnite 7.20 patch notes. 

Larryn Bell

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