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Fortnite is Coming to Android This Summer

by Larryn Bell

After the successful debut of Fortnite for mobile on iOS a couple months ago, Fortnite is finally headed to Android devices soon. The announcement came via the State of Mobile blog post on the Epic Games blog, which aimed to bring players up to speed on the current state of Fortnite on mobile. 

According to today’s announcement, the developers at Epic are planning to release Fortnite for Android sometime this summer. No release date has been announced yet. “We know many of you are excited for this release, and we promise that when we have more information to share, you’ll hear it from us first,” said the Fortnite Team at Epic.

Fortnite on Android

The post also gave a rundown of recent changes that have been made to the mobile version of Fortnite for iOS, which include gameplay tweaks and a new customizable HUD. The team also aims to reduce the overall installation size of Fortnite on mobile while maintaining stability and performance. Fortnite players on mobile are encouraged to use the Feedback button in-game to let the developers know their thoughts on the recent changes.

The developers are also hoping to implement voice chat support for the mobile version of Fortnite sometime soon. This is a welcome change, as currently there is no official chat support for Fortnite on iOS. Players have found some workarounds for voice chat for Fortnite on mobile, but it would be much better to have voice chat support already integrated into the application.

We will be sure to inform you of the release date for Fortnite on Android when those details are revealed. Until then, you can browse through our Fortnite Battle Royale coverage to brush up on some tips and tricks ahead of the pending mobile release. 

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