After a leak went live last week that seems to confirm that Epic Games will be reviving their Thanos event in Fortnite to celebrate the upcoming Avengers Endgame movie coming soon, the title's director is doing little to snuff out those flames of speculation. 

When a photo went viral of Avengers' Robert Downey Jr rocking a Fortnite shirt, game director Donald Mustard RT'd the image with the caption "Looking good, [Robert]. See you soon! #TeamDowney." The "see you soon" bit is what had fans of the popular PvP game alight with the sneaky nod concerning the leaked event. 

As far as when the possible event could arrive, it could be as soon as this week! Given that every week there is a rotation of differing Limited Time Modes and the fact that the film itself is poised for a theater release later this month, now is the time to bring back Thanos and possibly even a few more surprises!

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