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Fortnite and Borderlands Join Forces in New Crossover

by Nicholas Barth

Fortnite Battle Royale has been at the forefront of significant entertainment franchises crossing over with one another. From the Avengers to John Wick, Fortnite has seen plenty of crossover content in its life. The latest considerable crossover to take place in the battle royale title occurred on Tuesday, August 27th, and it saw the high-profile franchise of Borderlands make an appearance in the Fortnite X Mayhem crossover. 

This new Borderlands crossover has pumped the battle royale game with an array of new content based off of the looter-shooter video game series. Players can now get their hands on a Psycho skin and Claptrap back bling, collect other various Borderlands cosmetic items, and battle it out in the new Pandora Rift Zone.


Borderlands fans will know Pandora as an essential location throughout the franchise. This Pandora Rift Zone has taken the place of the oasis near the Fortnite area of Paradise Palms. This new Borderlands Pandora Rift Zone will be available for players to experience until September 10th. Those battling in the Fortnite Pandora location will generate shield following not taking damage for four seconds. 

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Nicholas Barth

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