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Fortnite – All Rift Portal Locations

by Larryn Bell

UPDATE: If you are looking to complete the rift portal challenge for Week 5 of Season 5, head over to our guide on where to find and use rift portals in Fortnite

Ever since the rocket launch event, players have been noticing some strange occurrences throughout the Fortnite map. Not only is there a massive fracture in the sky that grows larger each day, there are also a number of mysterious rift portals cropping up at specific locations across the map. These rifts aren’t just a visual effect, either. It turns out that the rift portals have also been consuming objects in the map, namely signs and landmarks.

Rift portals have been appearing on top of signs in major cities like Lonely Lodge, Tomato Town, and Greasy Grove. Once a rift portal appears, it takes roughly 24 hours before it consumes whatever object it hovers over, or brings in a new one. Below is a list of all the rift portal locations that have cropped up in Fortnite so far, starting with the most recent, along with which signs or objects have vanished or emerged as a result.

New Anchor Appearance

On July 6th, a ship anchor appeared on the southern edge of the mountain in between Greasy Grove and Snobby Shores, at the site of a former rift portal location. The rift portal is now gone, leaving only the anchor behind. This is the first time that the rift portals in Fortnite added a new object to the map rather than took something away.

Greasy Grove – Durrr Burger

The adorable Durrr Burger atop the restaurant in Greasy Grove was the target of yet another rift portal in Fortnite. The Durrr Burger disappeared at 6:00pm ET on July 5th. In an odd turn of events, a real-life Durrr Burger was discovered in the California desert the very next day. Could the events be related?

Retail Row – NOMS

A rift portal consumed the NOMS sign outside the grocery store in Retail Row before moving on to Greasy Grove.

Tomato Town – Tomato Man

A goodbye ceremony was held in-game in Tomato Town for the Tomato Man, who vanished from the top of the pizza place on July 3rd.

Anarchy Acres Motel – Motel Sign

The Motel sign at the motel west of Anarchy Acres was the next sign to vanish through a rift portal.

Lonely Lodge – Main Sign

The first rift portal to appear in Fortnite is the one in Lonely Lodge. The main sign in front of the lodge has since disappeared.

Where these objects go once they are consumed by the rift portal is anyone’s guess. Some have speculated that time travel is involved, but we won’t know for sure until Season 5 begins on July 12. 

Perhaps these rift portal locations will play a significant role in the next season, or we may see these vanishing objects return in a new way. Rift portals seem to emerge each day, so check back here for more rift portal updates as we head into Season 5 in Fortnite.

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