On social media, Marcus Lehto, former founder of V1 Interactive (Disintegration) and co-creator of Halo, announced they’ve been hired as a game director at EA. In announcing the new role, they also note they’re building a new studio in Seattle to work on first-person games. 

Former V1 Interactive Founder and Halo Co-Creator Joins EA To Work On New First Person Games

Back in March of this year, V1 Interactive shared the sad news that the studio would be closing five years after it was founded by Marcus Lehto, former Creative Art Director at Bungie and Halo co-creator. 

Following the closure of V1 Interactive, things have been fairly quiet up until today, when Marcus Lehto shared the news that he’s joined EA as a Game Director.

Not only that, but in Lehto’s announcement, he notes that EA is building a new studio in Seattle to work on first-person games and that he can’t wait to share more about what the team is creating. 

No details on what sort of first-person games are being worked on, but given how talented Marcus Lehto is, we have no doubt these games will be well worth a closer look once they’re formally announced. Among the rumors of what could potentially be on the table for the new studio include Titanfall 3.

We'll be keeping our fingers crossed on that one as it'd be awesome to have Marcus Lehto at the helm for a game like Titanfall 3. Obviously, no games have been announced yet so take rumors (and our hopes and wishes for Titanfall 3) with a grain of salt here. 

Also, no matter what Lehto is working on, we're excited to hear about it, even if it's not Titanfall 3.

After hearing that Marcus Lehto has moved to EA to work on first-person games in a new Seattle studio, we’re curious to hear your thoughts on the sort of projects that could be in development.

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