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Flixster App Launches On Xbox 360

by Prima Games Staff

Another popular movie app has made its way to the Xbox 360 service.  If you’ve got a huge Ultraviolet movie collection on stand-by, this lets you take advantage of it.

The Warner Bros.-owned online cloud streaming service Flixster has launched for Xbox 360 and is available for download now.  This free app enables you to check ratings on current movies that are released, through a connection with Rotten Tomatoes.  It also lets you access your online Ultraviolet library, whether it’s older movies like Lethal Weapon and Psycho or newer favorites like Django Unchained and Dark Shadows.  You can buy and rent movies through the service if you don’t own them already.

The app makes use of the Kinect service, so you can use your hands to direct through the pages in order to making your choices of what movies you’re interested in.  You can also earn “gift” movies if you meet certain criteria with the app.

Check it out now and enjoy the movies!

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