Five Reasons Why You Should Give Defiance a Try

Trion's latest has a lot going for it, and we explain what's worth checking out.

A game that has been hyped for many months, Defiance finally arrived this week for PC, as well as Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, marking one of the few occurrences where a massive multiplayer online game is concentrating just as much on consoles as it is on the computer front.  Granted, that means you’ll need to install a good chunk of data, about 10 GB or so worth, onto your system to get it operating properly, but that’s a small price to pay considering how huge this game is.

If you need some convincing, or the beta didn’t really impress you from the time you spent with it, we’ve come up with five reasons why you should take a gamble on it.  After all, if you’ve only played it for an hour or so, you’ve merely scratched the surface with the universe that Trion is trying to introduce here.  Like any good MMO-oriented game, the longer you work at it, the better the experience becomes.

Without further ado, here are our arguing points…

The Universe Will Evolve Alongside a TV Show

Defiance wasn’t just made to appeal to the video game universe, as Trion worked very closely with the team at SyFy to produce a series as well, one that features characters and events that will actually interact with what happens in the video game.  This opens up a number of opportunities for it, as well as the opportunity to build its own grand science fiction legacy, alongside such titans as, for example, Battlestar Galactica, another SyFy classic.  Granted, we’ve only seen one episode so far, but the possibilities are endless with the right talent handling both game and show, and it could lead into quite a summer for fans.

The Game Universe Won’t Stop Growing

Like any good MMO-based universe, Trion has big plans for Defiance.  Along with storylines that keep current, there’s also the option of making improvements to the game itself.  You’ll see new corners of the world open up that are well worth exploring; new challenges that are thrown down that let you challenge friends for leaderboard superiority; and improvements to the graphics (they’re not bad right now, by any means, but you can see areas that need working on) that really bring larger details, like bosses that stand stories high, to startling life.  With the game revolving around a huge online base, there’s room for growth that wasn’t really thought possible with other console efforts, outside of costly DLC expansions.  While we can’t say exactly what add-ons the team has planned, they’re devoted to their task, and it’ll pay off the longer you stick with the game.

It’s a Good Game To Form a Battle Party With

Part of the problem with getting a good group together for a massive multiplayer online experience is you don’t really have much option for doing so on a console.  Lord of the Rings: Guardians of Middle Earth is pretty good, but outside of that, options are rather limited in getting them involved.  Defiance shakes that up a bit, letting you roam around a huge gaming universe either alone or with dedicated players backing you up.  And if you don’t really know too many, you can join up with others on quests and taking apart enemy base camps, or a huge, nearly invincible enemy that requires a great deal of firepower to bring down.  Defiance has the opportunity of presenting the kind of MMO experience that, if successful, can continue onward into the next generation of gaming, enthralling both long-time players and first timers alike.  That’s a hard opportunity to turn down, even if your skills are average.

Some of the Battles Are Simply Awesome

I know this was brought up previously in the article, but the boss battles are truly something that shouldn’t be missed.  By contributing alongside your fellow gunners, you can take part in some truly epic fights, whether it’s against a large mouth-gaping alien that can deliver a massive blow with one swoop, or huge robots that pose a threat to anyone within its vicinity.  No matter what kind of weapon you happen to be carrying (there are a number to choose from), you can do some whopping damage to these things, and watching it (eventually) crumble to your feet is a sign of true teamwork – and you’ll earn some XP for your hard effort as well.  If that’s not a win-win, we’re not sure what is.

Your Character Will Grow With You

Obviously growth is a huge thing for dedicated MMO players.  They open up new abilities, skills and talents that eventually make them an unbeatable asset to anyone’s team.  Defiance is no different when it comes to offering a broad scope of stuff you can do.  With different weapon proficiencies, you’re able to learn new things about your weapon with the experience you put into using it, like less recoil and more damage, along with your additional abilities, like cloaking and super speed.  (Each has an advantage, so don’t be afraid to try them all out.)  Vehicles play a tremendous part in the Defiance universe as well, as you can really do some damage in an ATV or a tank, rolling into enemies while keeping your character alive for later battles in the game.

And with 14 different weapon types available, with additional enhancements that can be crafted into each one, there’s certainly a lot to try.  So if you think something didn’t work for you in the beta, or the effects of a certain rifle turn you off, choose another and see how it works for you.  Remember, experimentation is vital for a game like this, as it shows just what kind of creativity you can apply to your character.  Have at it.

We hope this gives you some incentive to giving Defiance a try.  We’ll see you on the battlefield.  (Just look for the weird gunner roaming around on an ATV.  Yep, that’s me.)

Defiance is available now for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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