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First Fallout: New Vegas details arrive

by Prima Games Staff

Obsidian’s new addition to the Fallout world packs a few new features. A PC Gamer article (thanks Duck and Cover) reports that the game will bring in a new Hardcore mode in which you’ll have to cope with a multitude of problems such as dehydration, ammo weight, much harder combat and prolonged healing times.

Apparently Super Mutants are going to be a lot more  diverse and notably more intelligent. An elite Nightkin baddy and a female mutant donning a 50s haircut will be key characters to the game’s story.

Fallout: New Vegas will take place in the Mojave desert, which wasn’t quite as damaged in the apocalypse. This lack of complete destruction apparently resulted in leaving a large number of buildings in far better condition than those in Fallout 3. The storyline follows a violent dispute between the California Republic, Caesar’s Legion and New Vegas residents.

The forthcoming game puts the player in control of a courier who’s buried and presumed dead by their attackers. The start of the game sees the protagonist pulled out of the ground by a robot and then nursed to good health by a doctor. Vigor-tests will be used to customize your abilities and one of those always-useful Pip-Boys will be donated by the helpful ex-vault dweller doctor.

The game will have a Reputation system as well as the Karma system from Fallout 3 that will be individually linked to specific settlements.

VATS is back, but this time with melee attacks (including golf-club swings). There’ll be more use of skills in conversations, with specific new paths being opened up depending on the appropriate level of ability.

Apparently when conversing it will be possible to attempt skill-based choices without the recommended level of ability but you’ll have seldom chance of succeeding. The game won’t punish the player for trying and instead will reward with a witty retort. Bartering with an NPC will, of course, award you cheaper goods but also increases rewards.

There’ll be the chance to recruit friends to follow you around and listen to orders (“follow”, “stay” and “attack” etc.). A companion we’ve been given as an example of is a ghoul the player saves from a pack of Super Mutants.

There’s a new assault rifle that resembles an M4, and also a huge gun that uses backpack fuel or ammo.

Fallout: New Vegas will be coming to the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 this fall. Obsidian, makers of Neverwinter Nights 2 and Knights of the Old Republic 2 are responsible for the title’s development.

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