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The First Bright Memory Game Aiming to Release as a Series X Launch Title

by Morgan Shaver

Back in May, a trailer for Bright Memory: Infinite was shown with a trailer that was made all the more impressive with the knowledge that the game was developed by one person, Zeng Xiancheng at FYQD Studio.

Bright Memory is currently available on Steam, while Bright Memory: Infinite is scheduled to release on Xbox One, Series X | S, and PC In 2021.

For those confused, the two games are different from one another in that Bright Memory: Infinite will serve as a new, reimagined, complete version of Bright Memory.

While you could play Bright Memory on Steam to get a feel for the game, it looks like another option may soon be available. 

The First Bright Memory Game Aiming to Release as a Series X Launch Title

During the PLAYISM Game Show, FYQD Studio announced plans to try and release Bright Memory on Xbox Series X | S as a launch title this November.

As of right now, that release date is tentative with the press release from PLAYISM noting that FYQD Studio is “moving towards a launch day release” and that Bright Memory: Infinite is still slated for a 2021 release date.

Bright Memory was developed by one person, so it makes sense they can’t guarantee Bright Memory as a launch title. It’s a lot of work to handle in addition to the development of Bright Memory: Infinite. 

In an interview with SCMP, developer Zeng Xiancheng said the following about the development of Bright Memory: Infinite:

“With less than a year to go before the deadline, unless there are matters that require me to go out, I spend around 27 days a month at home developing the game.” 

Bright Memory: Infinite 
Bright Memory: Infinite

Bright Memory debuted on Steam earlier this year and amassed an impressive number of positive reviews.

With the money accrued from the game’s sales, Zeng has been able to do more work on Bright Memory and work with PLAYISM who help handle the marketing for the game.

If you’re more of an Xbox person than a PC gamer and you want to familiarize yourself with Bright Memory, it’d be helpful to have the game available on the Xbox Series X | S at launch.

It’d also be helpful to have Bright Memory a part of Game Pass (something that has yet to be confirmed). 

Adding to Bright Memory: Infinite’s presence on next-gen consoles, FYQD Studio tweeted the following in regards to Nvidia’s RTX30 series: 

It’s amazing that Bright Memory is the product of one talented developer, and we’re keeping our fingers crossed that we’ll see it on Xbox Series X | S as a launch title on November 10.

We’re also looking forward to playing the reimagined Bright Memory: Infinite on Xbox Series X | S in 2021.

Stay tuned as we’ll be posting updates on the release date for Bright Memory: Infinite and the status of Bright Memory’s potential move to Xbox Series X | S this November. 

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