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Fire Emblem Engage’s DLC Will See the Return of These Favorite Heroes

Has your favorite hero made it into Fire Emblem Engage yet?

by Daphne Fama

Fire Emblem Engage, a tactical turn-based RPG, was released a few weeks earlier on January 20, 2023. While this game divided the community, many, myself included, have been waiting to hear news about when the next Wave of the expansion pack would release and what new heroes would be included. And on February 8, 2023, we have the answer.

Fire Emblem Engage’s DLC Will See the Return of These Favorite Heroes

On February 8, 2023, the Second Wave of the Expansion pass will playable, though we don’t yet have a defined hour. With Wave 2, you can expect to gain access to a series of new Emblem heroes, including:

  • Hector, Emblem of Strength from Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade. His teased abilities will raise the wearer’s defense and offer counterattacks.
  • Soren, Emblem of Acumen from Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance. He will be able to offer area-of-effect magic.
  • Camilla, Emblem of Revelation from Fire Emblem Fates. She will be able to modify the terrain to hinder enemies, like Emblem Ring Corrin’s Dragon Vein.

While we don’t yet have release dates for Waves 3 and 4, we know of at least two more Emblem Rings that will be arriving with Wave 3:

  • Chrom and Robin, Emblem of Bonds from Fire Emblem Awakening. Chrom and Robin will offer both sword and magic attacks. Robin is the male version, by the way. Tears in the chat.
  • Veronica, Emblem of Heroes from Fire Emblem Heroes. She will be able to summon additional allies to fight for you, including heroes you might already have on the field, like Ike.

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Wave 4 will offer a story-based expansion called Fell Xenologue, Unlocked. We don’t have much information on this yet, but it seems like it takes place in a different world, where Alear is summoned to fight an antagonist similar to the one she fought on her own. A brief clip also shows a Fell Dragon, called Nel, fighting on our side against Corrupted Wolves.

Hopefully, we’ll learn more in the coming weeks.

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